KROCKS RadioOne/ZeroPointRadio gets a new look! Our website appearance has changed to a brand new look! Long overdue, this new layout should provide for easier navigation to the site’s features, such as the players to tune in with, the chat room and links page. The chat room and links page all appear in this box instead of going to seperate pages. The navigation bar on the left will change to a home link depending on which link button is selected. For example, if the CHAT ROOM button is selected, this window changes to the chat room, and the button in the navigation bar changes to a HOME button! If the Links button is selected, the links page is displayed in this window and the Links button changes to a HOME button! More features will be added soon, such as a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, a station staff page, and a program schedule. We hope you like our new look! Let us know what you think! Send your comments and suggestions about our new web site look and programs heard on the station by clicking on the Contact Us button on the left navigation bar.