Now here is an image of Earth.

Chile is located in South America on the West coast near the concave indention, about half way down the western coastline of South America.

According to research done by many credible scientists, Hyper Dimensional physics suggests that events that take place at key points within a sphere, also take place on other bodies in space. In effect, if there is some sort of disruption at a given point on one body in space, that can also happen on another body in space at the same location on its surface.

Sort of like how a tuning fork can cause another tuning fork of the same frequency, to resonate when one is struck and brought next to the other. Another example is how a magnet can have an effect on another due to their interacting magnetic fields.

The following is just a theory…an observation. It is NOT an official scientific conclusion!!

Below is an animated gif picture of the two above images overlayed and carefully positioned so that both sphere’s north and south poles line up.

Notice how the arrows from the Sun image and the filament string ride almost right on top of Chile! Individual images courtesy of SOHO and NASA. Animated gif courtesy of RFBurns.

I am no expert in Hyper-D physics or astrology, but it does not take a rocket science degree to see the obvious here. What do you think? Could the upcoming Sun activity predicted bring more natural disasters here on Earth? Is Hyper Dimensional physics taking a role in all of the predicted “end of the world” prophecies? You decide!