The Deuce Show features all bands and artists registered with Deuce Management & Promotion and is presented by Jordan Thomas of VS re:charged fame from Maple Street Studios in London

As well as being available on Podcast, over 10 radio stations worldwide have accepted the offer of including the show in their programming schedule ranging from Internet and University to Digital and FM stations and with combined listening figures of over 20,000 people.

Bands and artists featured on the show may also have the opportunity to be invited to Maple Street Studios to be interviewed and perform acoustic sets if they are seen publicising the exposure they are receiving on The Deuce Show to their fan base. The interview and acoustic set would also be broadcast live on the VS re:charged Show which is quickly gaining in popularity with listeners over traditional FM stations since its launch in July 2008. For those bands and artists outside the UK or not within the vicinity of London, further opportunities will be available through other radio stations broadcasting The Deuce Show such as features and telephone interviews.