Former Internet shock jock now turned Political commentator The Jiggy Jaguar is talking about everything you can think of out here, We talk about the internet, Poltics,Pop culture,news,sports,etc. I talk to news makers and celebrity’s former guests have included William Shatner from Star Trek, John McCarthy from The Ultimate Fighting Championship, my close friend Robert Peters the President of Morality in Media and best selling authors such as Dean Koontz and unsigned music makers and hit makers such as Neil Diamond. Plus weekly commentary and views and news on the issues of the day. Not only does Jiggy have a 2 hr syndicated radio program, he had a monthly news round table program on Cable Access and which would follow a daily 1 hr news review program on Access TV. Currently The Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show is Hodgepodge of entertainment{local/regional/national}, News and politics, sports, musician and artist friendly program, showcasing live studio performances, interviews with news makers,etc. through Skype video and other means. Syndicated world wide over a vast network of affiliates and viewable each week with a LIVE Internet Television experience. After 15+ years of broadcasting, the radio program continues to evolve & stay close to popular trends.