Guns and Freaks – An Editorial by RFB

Everyone has learned about the Aurora Colorado shooting spree that took place at a crowded movie theater. No need to rehash the specifics. A nutcase decided to be stupid and play Rambo in disguise and kill and injure a bunch of innocent people.

And now, all the gun nonsense begins once again, like before, and before, and before and so on. Every time something like this happens, the roaches of gun control come out of the dark corners and flood the media with thou shalt not have guns.

Now the latest BS being shoved into everyone’s heads is that the 2nd amendment was meant only to apply for hunting guns. Really? Cmon Obamalama, you taught constitutional law in Boston for over 10 years and your telling us that our founding fathers meant the 2nd amendment to mean hunting guns?

Do you realize sir, that in the 1700’s during this nations beginnings that our founding fathers and the citizens of the colonies at that time did a lot more than just hunting with their guns. They used them for protection against attacks by native tribes and wild animals and crazies of that time. Yes even back then when everyone was running around with a Colt 45 hung on their belt, there were crazies and lunatics back then going around shooting people for no reason.

Now someone go look up in history and show me where back in the frontier days we had groups of people bellyaching about guns and the need to take them away!

Good luck finding that!

Now here is the real kicker and something you gun control freaks NEED to learn here and now. Taking away honest citizen’s right to bear arms WILL NOT REMOVE GUNS FROM CRIMINALS OR CRAZY PEOPLE!

What on Earth makes anyone believe that imposing gun laws will keep the criminals from getting their guns or the lunatic from getting one on the black market…in fact..since when has the black market suddenly abide by law?

Do people really think a lunatic is going to pay attention to some gun restriction law when their intent is to stir up trouble?

All I gotta say is you gun control freaks need to wake the hell up and get out of your virtual Mayberry world, which never existed to begin with. You will be the first to cry wolf when some crook breaks into your house and uses a gun to do their dirty deed. You will be the first to cry foul when one of your relatives or friends is shot by some gangster at a park, and all of that could have been prevented had you had the ability to protect yourself. But too bad, your own short sightedness brought upon you your own result and what you wanted.

Take your own guns away if you want. Leave me and MY guns and MY rights alone.