Everyone knows about the horrific tragedy that happened with the recent mass shooting that took place at an elementary school in Connecticut. It is a pure nightmare and something that should NOT have taken place at all..given the increased security measures placed into every school over the last 10 years, which include security cameras, metal detectors, armed security guards walking the halls and grounds, and security tape on windows which detect and set off alarms when broken, just like those found on store windows.

There is now of course the same old talk being bandied about by the gun control freaks using this tragedy as another card up the sleeve trick to convince everyone that it’s time to remove our 2nd amendment rights to bear arms.

How much more stupid can a society get?

Do these people actually think that by removing everyone’s guns and their right to have them will prevent a mentally troubled person from obtaining a gun?

Since when does a criminal or mentally troubled person intending on causing harm pay attention to laws in the first place?!!

Have these gun control freaks ever heard of the black market?

Criminals and mentally troubled individuals will get what they want no matter what laws are passed.

Let’s look at a perfect example of this. Someone who wants an ounce of pot, or an 8-ball of meth, despite the fact there are laws in place preventing anyone from obtaining it, can easily get that sack of weed or little bag of wire me up even with those laws in place..and where do they go to get it…why duh…the BLACK MARKET!!

Did it occur to anyone that your A typical gun store does not sell automatic assault weapons?

So..where did this mentally unstable individual get his guns to go crashing through a security taped window at a school equipped with tons of security measures and was able to do what he did?

All together now….THE BLACK MARKET!!

It’s time for people to start asking the tough questions instead of looking for the quickie answers that won’t solve a frigging thing except make it much more easier for these mentally unstable individuals and criminals to get what they want and need, not to mention ask the tough questions on who dropped the security ball that day at the school.

Oh no..let’s not get at the core of the matter here, let’s just throw a blanket over everything and ignore the real problem and be tricked into a false sense of security..like the false sense of security those poor kids and parents got on that tragic day.

Isn’t it time to stand up for what is right and toss out the nonsense..or do we all wait around for the next batch of innocents to be mowed down in horror?

Get real people. Taking away everyone’s guns and rights to have them WONT prevent criminals or mentally insane people from obtaining them. In fact, it will make it EASIER for them to get those guns!

Start using the brain instead of wasting it and come up with REALISTIC answers instead of pathetic useless ones that won’t solve a damned thing!!