Is wikileaks a pawn in a bigger picture?

WikiLeaks’ CIA Report Called “Not Blockbuster”

Wikileaks Sex Charges:

Sex Crime Allegations Against Assange Detailed

Poll: Almost half of Britons feel WikiLeaks sex charges are “excuse”

Who’da thunk: WikiLeaks sex charges all fluffed up

Wikileaks Public Commentary:

Above Top Secret Discussion Thread: Wayne Madsen: Wikileaks is CIA Front Operation…

Wikipedia Wikileaks Page

Guantanamo Bay detention camp:

Wikipedia Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp Page

Florida School Board Shooter:

Florida School Board Shooting: Gunman Opens Fire During Meeting

Red Light Cameras:

Red Light Camera Wikipedia page

Quoting from the Wikipedia article:

A 2004 Texas Transportation Institute study found, “crashes decrease with an increase in yellow interval duration and a reduction in speed limit.” After 1.0 second was added to the yellow signal timing at test intersections, accidents dropped by 35 to 40%. This compares with a 6.4% reduction for “area-wide officer enforcement of intersection traffic control devices… during the time of the enforcement activity”.

British Columbia Drunk Driving Laws:

British Columbia Provincial Government Press Release


Obama Birth Certificate:


Hour 2:


AP Up Close: Benefit Extension Came Just in Time


What A Relief: The Unemployment Extension 2010 Passed

Quoting from the article from what the president said: “As soon as I sign this legislation, 2 million Americans looking for work who lost their jobs through no fault of their own can know with certainty that they won’t lose their emergency unemployment insurance at the end of this month”

Max’s Commentary, What he did not say is the 99ers were not included and I’m sorry to hear we could not come to a compromise to include them.

House passes 13-month unemployment extension; 99ers and Tier 5 ignored again

Unemployment extension 2010 – The “lazy 99er’s” urban myth or fact?

Unemployment extension tier 5, 99ers left to fend for themselves

What the Unemployment rate does not include:

Welfare, homeless, prisoners, 99ers, stay at home parents, disabled, social security recipients, and many other things..


Max’s Commentary: Real solutions would have included giving every tax paying citizens 100,000 dollars, and then another 50,000 the next year instead of giving the money to the corporations it should have been given to the people.

Bail Out The People, Not Corporations

Federal Reserve:

The Federal Reserve: The Greatest Scam In History?

Video Zeitgeist: Addendum


Corporate Election Financing:

Justices, 5-4, Reject Corporate Spending Limit


Movie Quotes:

Rise up in the cafeteria and stab them with your plastic forks. – Pump up the Volume